‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’ Sarah Furay, Daughter Of Former DEA Agent, Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

Sarah Elizabeth Furay, who garnered internet fame in 2015 for her smiley mugshot, is heading to prison following sentencing for several felony drug trafficking charges.

The then-19-year-old Furay was nicknamed the “adorable drug kingpin” after she was arrested in College Station, Texas, on November 6, 2015. Law enforcement acquired a search warrant, they searched Furay’s apartment and found illegal drugs. In the college student’s apartment, authorities seized 31.5 grams of cocaine, 4.45 ounces of marijuana, 29 Ecstasy tablets, 60 doses of a drug similar to LSD, painkillers, cough syrup, THC, a scale, and a “handwritten drug price list,” according to The Eagle. Not exactly an El Chapo-level drug syndicate going on there, never-the-less Furay was dubbed the “adorable drug kingpin.”

Authorities searched Furay’s cellphone and found evidence that Furay was involved in a drug-dealing operation for a significant amount of time. According to the Brazos County District Attorney, Furay’s phone had “thousands of text messages to numerous different customers selling a multitude of different drugs,” including “cocaine, marijuana, MDMA, prescription narcotics and psychedelic drugs.”

Furay’s case became even more intriguing when it was revealed that her father was a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent at the time. Her father, William Furay, worked at the DEA for more than 27 years, and retired in December 2017, Heavy reported. Previously, he had led a team of DEA agents in Panama and was named as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge in Houston. Sarah kinda went the opposite way there.

Furay confessed that she had “participated in thousands of drug sales as a dealer.”

In October, pleaded guilty to two first-degree felony charges of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, one second-degree felony charge of delivery of a controlled substance, and a state jail felony charge of possession of marijuana.

Judge Travis Bryan III sentenced Furay to three eight-year sentences on the felony drug charges and the maximum two years on the marijuana charge. The judge ruled that Furay could serve all of the sentences concurrently.

Furay was evicted from her apartment in College Station after her arrest, when she was a student at Blinn College. Furay was able to earn a degree from Texas A&M University while her case proceeded.

Furay was booked into the Brazos County Detention Center on December 3. Noticeably missing in the most recent mugshot was Sarah’s playful smile.