A Drug Dealer Was Busted After Clogging A Toilet With A Massive Amount Of Cocaine And Cops Shared A Pic Of The Damage

50,000 LBs Of Cocaine Worth Billions Seized In The Biggest Drug Bust In The History Of Europe

Police Seize Record Amount Of Synthetic Drugs Including 827K Ecstasy Tablets, Severely Hampering Rave Industry

‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’ Sarah Furay, Daughter Of Former DEA Agent, Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

DEA Just Seized, In One Bust, Enough Meth For ‘Every Man, Woman, And Child’ In The U.S. And Mexico

Authorities Discover Longest Drug-Smuggling Tunnel On US Southern Border From Mexico To San Diego

Record-Breaking Drug Bust In Uruguay Seizes 6 Tons Of Cocaine Worth $1.3 Billion

Authorities Raid Huge Narco Submarine, Confiscate 3 Tons Of Cocaine

Bricks Of ‘Very Pure’ Cocaine Worth Over $66 Million Wash Up On French Beaches

California Authorities Destroy 10 Million Marijuana Plants Worth $1 Billion

Arrests Made After 768 Bottles Of Sriracha Had 880 Pounds Of Crystal Meth Worth $210 Million Hidden Inside

Keep Miami In Your Prayers Tonight After 12,000 Pounds Of Cocaine Seized By The US Coast Guard

Bricks Of Cocaine Wash Ashore Florida Beaches Because Of Hurricane Dorian

Keep Europe In Your Prayers Tonight After $1.1 BILLION In Cocaine Seized, Germany’s Biggest Drug Bust EVER

Drug Runner Busted After Crashing His Van With $140 Million In Meth Into Cop Cars Outside Police Station

Drug Kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Sentenced To Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison, Forfeits $12.6 Billion

Alabama Police Warning Citizens About The Dangers Of ‘Meth Gators’

2 Suitcases Full Of Meth Worth $1 Million Were Found In Forest

Keep South Beach In Your Prayers Tonight After $350 Million Of Cocaine Seized By The US Coast Guard

Billionaire Coca-Cola Heir Busted With $1.3 Million Of Marijuana In His Private Jet Along With Hollywood Actor

Keep Wall Street In Your Prayers Tonight After $77 Million In Cocaine Seized, Biggest In NYC Area In 25 Years

Texas Police Got Roasted For Bragging About The Least Impressive Drug Bust In History

Keep Hollywood In Your Prayers Tonight After $87 Million Of Cocaine Seized In The Pacific Ocean

Police Seize Over 1,600 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden Inside Pineapples

Two Hotties Could Face Life In Prison After Smuggling $30 MILLION Of Cocaine On Luxury Cruise Ship To Australia

Miami Police Arrest Brother And Sister In Record Breaking Drug Bust, Found 24 MILLION In Cash In The Walls Of Their Home