Texas Police Got Roasted For Bragging About The Least Impressive Drug Bust In History

cops roasted over small marijuana bust


In theory, law enforcement exists in order to protect us from the evils of society and it’s their job to follow the letter of the law whenever possible—even when the law is stupid as hell.

Over the past few years, America’s attitude toward marijuana has changed dramatically, and as things currently stand, the majority of the population thinks it’s time to legalize one of the more harmless drugs on the market for mass consumption.

As things currently stand, recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states (in addition to the nation’s capital) and the majority of the country has a medical program in place.

However, there are still plenty of locales where the law is ass-backward—including Missouri, where overzealous cops recently went viral for searching the hospital room of a cancer patient because someone claimed to smell weed.

In recent years, police departments around the world have started to use social media to brag about their law enforcement prowess, and to their credit, some of the busts they’ve made are pretty impressive.

However, certain departments have a tendency to pat themselves on the back a tad too hard when it comes to certain seizures—especially when they’re related to marijuana.

Over the weekend, a police department in Texas decided to brag about their most recent “bust” when cops in Fort Bend County posted a picture of some paraphernalia they discovered during a routine traffic stop.

I’m not entirely sure how they expect people to respond to this but it was only a matter of time until the tweet got Ratioed to hell and back by Twitter users who were more than happy to take them to task.

I’m glad to know the people of Fort Bend County are now safer thanks to these brave deputies. They are truly the heroes we don’t deserve.

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