Selena Gomez Had Fans Dying As She Shouts ‘I’m Single’ At A Soccer Game

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In case anyone was wondering (and some people were), Selena Gomez appeared to confirm her relationship status by shouting “I’m single” at soccer players in funny new TikTok video.

For those who don’t keep up with such things, a couple of months ago the tabloids were sent into a tizzy after Gomez and Zayn Malik reportedly had a romantic date night in New York City.

Supposedly, a hostess at a Manhattan restaurant saw Gomez and Malik kissing.

However, on Thursday, Selena Gomez posted her first TikTok video in almost three months with the caption “The struggle man lol.” In it we see her wrapped up in a scarf and some blankets shouting at a group of soccer players in the middle of a game.

“I’m single!” Selena shouted at the players. “I’m just a little high maintenance, but I’ll love you so much.”


The struggle man lol

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Tons of viewers were quick to comment that Selena Gomez doing such a thing was very reminiscent of her longtime role playing Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.

“This is not Selena Gomez, this is Alex Russo,” one fan wrote.

“What in the Alex Russo is happening here??” another commented.

“This is still Alex Russo but 15 years older,” commented another viewer.

Others couldn’t believe that the soccer players just kept on playing like nothing unusual was happening.

“Can you imagine playing soccer in hearing Selena Gomez saying this to you? My absolute dream,” someone wrote.

“Imagine THE Selena Gomez yelling this at you,” another fan echoed.

“I can’t believe these men didn’t realize that was literally Selena Gomez like I would’ve ran over,” read another comment.

Then again…

“If it’s hard for Selena Gomez to date I’m gonna [die] alone,” another fan pointed out.

Apparently, this is a real issue for Gomez as she also pointed out that she was single when she hosted Saturday Night Live last year.

On Friday, Gomez, who turned 30-years-old last year on July 22nd, was back on TikTok asking a question that many newly christened 30-year-olds often ask themselves.


♬ original sound – 🌙 Frankie

“Ma’am I’m pretty sure we’re all trying to keep up with you. You’re doing 30’s correctly,” a fan replied.

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