Woman Tries To Sell Train Seat Covers As A Top And The Internet Just Can’t Anymore

Woman Tries To Sell Chiltern Railway Train Seat Covers As A Crop Top

pixabay / brobible illustration

When Topshop announced they were selling see-through jeans the internet laughed and then carried on with its business.

When Gucci attempted to sell fake grass-stained jeans for $1,200 the internet was gobsmacked, but was able to keep moving.

When Ralph Lauren tried selling paint-splattered coveralls that cost more than $800 the internet was dumbfounded, but not halted.

This week, however, the internet appears that it may finally be done with “fashion.”



Because a woman on the fashion marketplace app Depop attempted to sell the social distancing seat covers used on Chiltern Railway trains in the United Kingdom as, wait for it… shirts.

Crop tops to be more precise.

Take a look…

“Social distancing children railways [sic] crop got a few of these in different sizes,” reads the item’s description. “Message me before buying or with questions/offers.”

That damn autocorrect.

Also of note? The condition: Used – Good. You think?!

365,000 Likes on Twitter later and we’re now able to enjoy one hell of a lot of comical responses to the woman’s “crop top” listing, including one from Chiltern Railway themselves, who wrote, “Hi there, thanks for letting us know about this, we’ve raised to the relevant team.”

Yup. She did. She really did.

Same, Tom H. Same.

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