Gucci Is Getting Mercilessly Mocked For Selling Fake Grass-Stained Jeans For $1,200

Gucci Is Selling Grass-Stained Jeans For 1200 Twitter Reactions


I will be the first to admit that I don’t understand “fashion.” Honestly though, I am not sure that anyone really does. I think it could be just a concept the super rich made up so they can feel different and better than the rest of us mere peasants.

Because some of the articles of clothing we have seen over the years created in the name of fashion just make absolutely zero sense.

I mean, really, outside of the models who posed for the photos, has anyone ever actually worn something like this…

One of the more egregious offenders in the world of “fashion” over the years has been the legendary brand Gucci.

Remember the faux house arrest ankle monitor they were selling as a fashion accesory last year?

Or those “distressed” sneakers they were selling for $870?

Crazy, right?

Yeah, well, it’s no crazier than Gucci’s latest effort: jeans with fake grass stains on the knees (or as they call them, a “eco washed organic denim pant”).

That’s right. For just $1,200 you too can look like you just came in from working in the yard… without, you know, actually doing any work, or even going outside.

Gucci is also offering some fake grass-stained overalls for $1,400 if that’s more your style.

Needless to say, the internet had thoughts and more than a few jokes about this “new” fashion look.

That’s what I have been saying!

I do have to admit, I like these fake grass-stained jeans better than the fake muddy jeans that Nordstrom was selling awhile back.

All I really want to know now is does this mean that I should be putting the green-kneed pair of jeans I wear for yardwork up for sale on eBay? Because based on this they’ve got to be worth a couple hundo, right?

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