Semi-Transparent ‘Alien’ Photographed Walking Along Bolivian River

alien isolated on black background


A viral photograph has captured what appears to be a semi-transparent alien walking alongside the Pilcomayo River in Bolivia.

The photo, taken in the city of Tarija, appeared on social media last month in Bolivia and sparked much discussion as to whether it was really an extraterrestrial creature or not.

The alleged alien does certainly appear to look like archetypal alien commonly seen in the media. It has a large, almost bulbous head, long legs and arms, but in this case is almost transparent.

“On the edge of the Pilcomayo River, you can see this being walking. In the snapshot, you can see a half-transparent being with elongated limbs, typical characteristics of what is known as a gray being,” Javier UFOlogist Carlos Cordero told Notivision.

“This image must undergo a process of analysis through a filter that determines its authenticity and whether it has been subjected to digital manipulation,” Cordero added. “Only then can we discern whether we are dealing with genuine evidence or an edited product.”

Coincidentally, the First International UFOlogy Meeting was recently held in Tarija.

“Tarija seems to have a special connection to activities of this type and this reinforces the notion that there could be something more at play. The presence of abundant minerals and dimensional portals in the area could be related. In addition, the Mecoya case of May 6, 1978 is being re-examined, where sightings of ships and similar beings were reported,” Cordero said.

In 1978, it was reported by hundreds of people that a alien spacecraft had crashed in Tarija. The reports were so credible that the Bolivian Air Force, the CIA, NASA, and the US State Department all reportedly got involved.

Argentine UFOlogist Sebastian Bidondo, who recently spoke at the International UFOlogy Meeting with Cordero, said, “We were never alone and NASA recently, for the first time, spoke of having ships and non-human beings in Area 51.”

Skeptics believe the image to be a hoax as no reflection of the alien appears in the water in the photo. Then again, if the alien is semi-transparent is may not be possible to see a reflection on the water.

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