Seth Meyers Discusses Going On Heaviest Bender Of His Life With Rihanna

Seth Meyers tells Rihanna day drinking story

James Corden Late Late Show

Seth Meyers has a gift for bringing out the best stories from celebrity guests on his show, Late Night With Seth Meyers.

For this clip, however, the tables are turned and Seth Meyers is the guest on James Corden’s show (which ends forever later this month), and Seth is telling a story about the heaviest day drinking he’s ever done in his life.

Seth spent 14 years on Saturday Night Live (2004-2018, 189 eps) before leaving to host his own late-night TV show. He’s as well connected within the celebrity world as anyone. So naturally, Seth’s best story of day drinking involves getting after it with one of the most famous celebrities on planet earth: Rihanna.

Seth Meyers tells James Corden his story of day drinking with Rihanna then backs it up with a picture of him passed out in his hallway with a glass of water left for him by his wife:

For the readers instead of the watchers, Seth said:

“Well, first of all, I should note that… I hate to break the news here: she’s younger than me. We drank the same amount and then she definitely went out. Like, she was fine. She walked out, she looked as good as she did when we started. I went home, immediately fell asleep in the hallway of my apartment. Got in the door, fell asleep. My wife — passive-aggressively, James — put a water next to my head and went to bed.”

Meyers was telling that story about this infamous moment on his show three years ago. If you haven’t watched this segment before then consider this your lucky day:

My main takeaway from this is if Rihanna ever asks me to go day drinking I need to plan on getting a liquid IV (not to be confused with the hydration multiplier packet) lined up for the next morning. Because you definitely have to agree to go drink for drink and keeping up with Rihanna is somehow a herculean task no matter how seasoned of a drinker you are.

Watching through this clip, I tried to rack my brain for a story of the heaviest day drinking I’ve ever done and sadly, there are too many instances to pick a winner.

I’m not sure what that says about me but I’ll at least make special mention of a Caribbean booze cruise that nobody in our group has a recollection of disembarking so in some alternate timeline, we’re all still on that boat in our minds.

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