‘Sexy Mister Rogers’ Costume Model Dessie Mitcheson Is Getting Cyberbullied By People From Pittsburgh

Sexy Mister Rogers Costume Model Getting Cyberbullied By Pittsburgh

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The other day we shared some of 2019’s weirdest Halloween costumes. Among those we featured were a “Sexy Bob Ross” costume, a “Sexy Tariff” costume, and a “Sexy Mister Rogers” costume.

Yes, really, those Halloween costumes actually exist… and people are not happy about it.

That last one, the “Sexy Mister Rogers” costume, has folks particularly heated.

In fact, people are so upset with the “Sexy Mister Rogers” costume that the model wearing it, Dessie Mitcheson, who we last saw chilling with Floyd Mayweather, says she’s getting cyberbullied by people from Rogers’ hometown Pittsburgh.

They don’t seen to care that Mitcheson was born and raised in Apollo, just outside of Pittsburgh. They can’t handle what they believe is her besmirching of their beloved children’s show host.

“It’s kind of ironic because I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and so is Mister Rogers, like 20 minutes from where I grew up,” Mitcheson told TMZ, “so I am getting a lot of hate mail from Pittsburgh people saying, ‘How could you do this to Mister Rogers?’ Someone wrote to me, ‘Don’t ever come back to Pittsburgh again.'”

She’s definitely got a good attitude about all the fuss though, even laughing about it.

“As soon as I saw the costume I knew there were going to be people that loved it and there were going to be people that hated it, and people that just judged it,” she added. “But I think it’s getting blown out of proportion for sure. It’s just a costume for fun.”

You think?


And happy Halloween!

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