Dancing Grocery Store Worker Who Is Completely Unbothered By Annoying Lady Refusing To Wear A Facemask Is My New Hero

Most people around the country are complying with the new normal of wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing to help control the spread of the coronavirus but some people just can’t be inconvenienced.

On Sunday a woman named Shelley Lewis uploaded a video of herself refusing to wear a mask at a Gelson’s Market in Dana Point, California. Like most supermarkets, Gelson’s is currently requiring all employees and customers to wear a mask while inside the store and Shelley was looking to stir the pot.

In the video, Lewis was greeted by an awesome dancing grocery store worker named Ben who patiently instructed Lewis of the store’s rules while jamming out to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”. Ben happily directed miss Lewis towards the manager who immediately told her she couldn’t come into the store without a mask.

The former bartender turned grocery store worker who is happy to have a job and deal like people with Shelley Lewis on a daily basis deserves recognition and probably a medal.