Check Out The Simpsons’ Iconic Living Room Updated In Six Different Styles For The Real World

Simpsons Living Room Updated Real World


If you have ever wondered if it would be possible for you to have The Simpsons’ living room in your own home in the real world, the answer is, yes, you can! And in six different styles too!

How do we know this? Because some clever people over at HomeAdvisor wanted to know the answer to that question as well and voila, they designed the Simpsons’ iconic living room re-imagined in six different styles that I have to admit, actually would look pretty good in any home.

Check them out and read a little of what HomeAdvisor has to say about each design below.


“As a power plant employee, Homer would feel right at home in an industrial living room. It’s all about exposed brickwork, wood, and metal, which offer the room a rustic yet stylish feel.”


“The Simpsons don’t live by the sea, but that’s never stopped anyone from celebrating all things nautical.”


“If anyone in the Simpsons household would embrace bohemian decor, it’s Lisa.”


“Marge probably wouldn’t like the chaos of a bohemian living room, but she and Lisa could compromise on the softer, more feminine flea market aesthetic of shabby chic.”


“This style is all about glamor and sophistication (not words normally applied to Homer and Bart), with contrasting color combinations like pink and green or turquoise and lemon.”


“The Simpsons have been on our screens for 30 years but if they were a bit older, their living room may have been designed in a mid-century modern style.”

Learn more about each style and the pieces that make them up over at