Dude Successfully Shoots His Shot With Smash Mouth On Twitter To Get Them To Play At His Birthday Party

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Ah the internet, where one tweet can either get you fired from your job or prompt the band from Now: That’s What I Call Music 373 perform at your birthday party. One minute you’re making a birthday reservation at Chili’s  and the next minute that weird kid from high school who had a MySpace until last year is hitting you up trying to get an invite to the most lit birthday since Jesus of Nazareth’s Sweet 16. Rumor has it, Judas fingered Bartholomew’s chick. They were on a break, but still, check Leviticus 3:69.

Mild digression brought to you by crippling ADHD.

Anyway, this Twitter user named Andrew Goldstein shot his shot at Emily Ratajkowski Alexis Ren Smash Mouth on the interwebs and now March 17th may be the best day of his life.

Andrew probably thought this tweet was sent into the abyss, never to be addressed again But, if there’s one lesson Smash Mouth instilled in us from his 2001 smash hit as heard in Shrek, it’s to be a believer. Don’t leave a trace, doubt in your mind. You read the last two sentences in Steve Harwell’s voice, didn’t you? No worries bro, I won’t tell your friends.


Andrew has his work cut out for him. But, a cursory Google search resulted in some of the greatest shirts known to man:

This must happen.

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