‘South Park’ Perfectly Explains NFT Mania In 30 Seconds And Everyone Has Jokes About It

'South Park' Perfectly Explains NFT Mania In 30 Seconds And Everyone Has Jokes About It

South Park / YouTube / Comedy Central

  • The creators of ‘South Park’ recently released a streaming-only special that included a 30-second segment perfectly explaining NFT and crypto mania
  • Since the ‘South Park’ special is behind a streaming paywall most people haven’t seen this viral clip that continues to make the rounds and rustle crypto-loving jimmies
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We are about to enter the year 2022 and the world is completely unrecognizable from three of four years ago. We’re using words in everyday language that hadn’t even been invented just half a decade ago. Waking up from a long-term coma today would lead to one of the most jarring shifts ever witnessed in modern history.

I’m referring mostly to the ongoing clusterf**k that affects every decision made on the planet these days but I’m also referring partially to how we can’t make it more than a few hours without hearing about crypto. The meteoric rise of interest in crypto and NFTs in recent years has permeated the furthest reaching corners of society.

It was only a matter of time until South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone put NFTs in their crosshairs and roasted it but when I didn’t anticipate is they’d lump NFTs and crypto in with the ‘demic. Here, this clip perfectly sums up just how laughably weird crypto language can be at times. Also, there are two clips to hang around for both.

‘South Park’ Sums up How Absurd NFT and Crypto Language Is


This streaming-only South Park special is only available on Paramount+ which I would rank dead last on my personal list of necessary streaming services. The existence of Paramoutn+ is so unnecessary that I’d actually expect them to pay me to use their service and not the other way around.

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The ‘South Park’ NFT Jokes

If they did this people would 100% spend a ton of money on it.

One of the funniest things about all of these tweets with clips of the South Park special is there are countless bots and tools hopping into the mentions trying to sell their NFTs to people Twitter. They’re either blissfully unaware or willfully ignorant that everyone is making fun of them but there they are like ‘buy my stupid rare turtle’ with a picture of something people just right-click and save.