Newly Leaked Spy Drone Images Over Iraqi Conflict Zone Reveal Mysterious Cylindrical UFO

ufo over desert baghdad


Six images captured by a thermal camera on a United States Air Force Reaper drone appear to show a skinny cylindrical-shaped UFO over Iraq, near Baghdad.

The images, taken in May of 2022, was reportedly flagged as a UFO by officials and have been dubbed the “Baghdad Phantom,” according to

A source with knowledge of the incident said the object was flagged in an Air Force repository as an ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’, the government’s preferred term for UFOs, last year, because of its strange characteristics.

Fast-moving craft are powered by propulsion systems like rockets or engines that create heat, but the thermal camera that filmed the object showed it was colder than its surroundings.

According to documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp, the images are from an active conflict zone and “has been officially designated by the Air Force as a UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena), but is NOT yet currently part of the active United States UAP investigations. The Department of Defense’s AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) is NOW aware of this case.”

He also says in a recent episode of his and Knapp’s podcast Weaponized that the U.S. government has “officially labeled it UAP, but it hasn’t gone to the right places and that’s why [they] get contacted. Because there’s this bottleneck of information from when something is being captured in a conflict zone and it needs to get to, I don’t know, let’s say, Central Command, CentCom, and and really see, ‘hey, this is an issue.'”

Speaking to, Corbell said, “The object appears to have no flight control surfaces, no traditional reactionary propulsion and is cooler than its surrounding environment. This isn’t your grandma’s rocket that we’re looking at.” also reports that Corbell told them that these UFO images taken over North Eastern Iraq were leaked to him and Knapp “by frustrated USAF members who claim that significant numbers of UFO incidents are being ‘buried’ by the Air Force.”

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