Navy Witness Says UFOs That Swarmed Warships Did Not Behave In Any Conventional Manner

ufo over water navy


Earlier this week, on the first episode of their podcast, WEAPONIZED, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp revealed and discussed an image of a UFO taken from footage by a US spy plane over Iraq.

“UAP [unidentified aerial phenomena, or UFOs] pose significant risk to our service men and women, and this case highlights this – and is unfortunately not unique,” Corbell said.

Another UFO encounter Corbell discussed with Knapp on the podcast involved a sailor from the Navy’s USS Paul Hamilton.

“There’s going to be a lot more from this witness and other witnesses from Paul Hamilton that have allowed me to record with them,” said Corbell, “and we’re going to have some people in person, but the main thing is all these people are still active duty and and it is not their goal is to become the UFO person, so I’m not going to just broadcast their names.”

He further explained, “At one point he said to me, ‘These are UFOs, they’re unidentified, but we have to call them something. We call them UAS, unmanned aerial systems, because they just weren’t big enough to hold a human being.”

The Navy witness said the UFOs came from the west, “over water, away from land, I mean, like the only thing over there is, like, Hawaii.”

The witness added that when the UFOs departed, they left at different bearings than they came in on.

“Which is weird,” he added. “If you deploy a drone to go check something out it would come [straight] back so that was like something significant enough for us to report.”

Corbell goes on to explain and ask, “Normally, if you had any kind of drone they would have to return to its launch point, but he’s seen them
come in and durationally go in other directions. So whose were they? Where did they come from?”

George Knapp then asked, “So did somebody launch their Walmart drone from Hawaii and it traveled 1,800 miles to buzz these [ships]? There’s hundreds of them that buzzed these 10 ships over three days. You’ve got number of witnesses who saw them.”

The UFO incident Corbell, Knapp and the Navy witness are referring to occurred around July 14, 2019 and included not only the USS Paul Hamilton, but the USS Kidd, USS Rafael Peralta, USS Russell, and the USS John Finn as well.

Read more about that UFO event here and listen to the entire episode of WEAPONIZED below…