Steve Vai’s New Triple Neck Ibanez Guitar ‘The Hydra’ Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

This Video Of Steve Vai's Triple Neck Ibanez "The Hydra" Guitar Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

Getty Image / Daniel Knighton / Contributor

  • Steve Vai recently released a video of his custom three-neck Ibanez guitar called “The Hydra”
  • The triple-neck guitar was made by designers and artists who belong to Ibanez Japan
  • Vai’s upcoming album Inviolate releases this Friday, some tracks will feature him playing “The Hydra”

This Friday the 28th, Steve Vai will release his new album Inviolate. One of the instruments he used in the making of this album is a guitar like no other.

Named “The Hydra,” this three-headed Ibanez guitar looks like a relic that belongs to rock’s greatest mythology. It’s the type of guitar that chooses its player—and The Hydra has chosen Steve Vai.

“The Hydra” Guitar Specs

Vai got together with three artists to put together The Hydra. It was designed by Moti Kashiuchi and built by Kazuya Kuroki of Ibanez Japan. The electrical was done by Hirotada Nomura.

The Hydra conveys a steampunk look with all its different knobs and buttons. The top neck guitar is a 12 string half fretless, the middle neck a 7-string, and the bottom a bass half fretless.

As far as the effects go, there’s what is referred to as a “Seducer,” a “Dragonizer,” and a “Climax Regulator” that Vai can switch back and forth to. There’s also a 4-way ethernet output and a slew of switches and gauges.

Special NFT Video Auction Relating to Vai’s Album Release

In part of the Inviolate release on the 28th, Vai is auctioning off a special NFT video on OpenSea. The opening bid of the video has been set at 1 ETH, but considering it will be a 1/1 piece from the guitar master himself the final price will probably be significantly more.

Steve Vai Hydra Triple-Neck Guitar
Vai’s OpenSea page where the NFT will be auctioned off.

Along with the NFT video, the final buyer will also gain access to additional assets and unspecified bonus content revealed upon the purchase.

Other Artists Who Have Played Multi-Neck Guitars

There have been tons of artists who have played multi-neck guitars. One of the first known electric double-neck guitar players was Joe Maphis (born 1921). Johnny Cash was a known fan of Maphis.

Then there are the more famous rockstars seen throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Individuals like Pete Townsend, Don Felder, Rick Nielsen, Geddy Lee played multi-neck guitars.

Jimmy Page Double Neck Gibson

Getty Image / Michael Putland / Contributor

Jimmy Page was known for playing his cherry red Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck. He reportedly began playing at Led Zeppelin’s live shows and recording sessions shortly after “Stairway To Heaven” was released.

And in regards to artists specifically using three-neck guitars, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones supposedly took this acoustic three-neck on Led Zep’s 1977 North American tour.

More Information on Steve Vai’s Inviolate Release

While we’re unsure how many tracks Vai uses The Hydra on, we do know he plays it on “Teeth of the Hydra” on the album. Vai had this to say about The Hydra and it’s accompanying track,

“I feel this instrument has the potential to be historical. It’s unique in various ways and its construction is inspired. And there’s a song that was written on it that honors the potential of the instrument.”

Vai was supposed to set off for a full-on Inviolate Tour, but he announced the dates would have to be pushed back to September of this year due to a surgery he’ll need to complete.