Flash Flood Footage From Hurricane Hilary In California Shows The Awesome Power Of Nature

road sign warning flooding ahead turn around

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Many parts of California and the Southwest are still reeling from the sudden destruction caused by Hurricane Hilary which dumped an enormous amount of rain and triggered flash flooding all over the region.

Reed Timmer is a self-described ‘extreme meteorologist’ and storm chaser. He made sure to get boots on the ground for Hurricane Hilary and capture this stunning footage below from Whitewater Canyon, north of Burbank and east of Santa Clarita.

For the hundreds of millions of Americans who didn’t grow up near the desert and/or haven’t lived through flash flooding events in the desert, this clip is illuminating. It shows how quickly things can go from ‘just a light rain’ to ‘is that a mountain moving towards us?’

Timmer also shared a video prior to this that shows more than just the flash flooding in the San Bernardino Mountains. Reed Timmer and David Ranking were moving around the area capturing footage from Hurricane Hilary adjacent to the Palm Springs/Indio/Palm Desert region.

While most of this clip is similar to the one above there are some other extreme weather incidents in this video:

Timmer said they chose the San Bernardino Mountains over Palm Springs to chase storm footage. That might have been a good choice, in terms of personal safety, after seeing how flooded areas of Palm Springs and Palm Desert were.

Crews are now working tirelessly to clean up the region. Train tracks must be cleared. Roads were washed out and covered in mud. There is a lot of work left to be done.

Meanwhile in the Southeast, the tropical storm season is heating up. Last weekend marked only the third time in history that 3 Atlantic tropical cyclones formed on the same day. The other two times were on August 22, 1995 and August 15, 1893. And there are currently a handful of storms brewing in the tropics that are being monitored.

Also, should you be curious how flash floods start there is a very informative video here on BroBible from years ago:

Absolutely nuts to see it happen so fast and build up like that.