Taco Bell Rolls Out A Monthly Subscription Plan And It’s An Absolute Steal For The Price

Taco Bell monthly subscription details

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  • Taco Bell is testing out a subscription model that lets customers snag a taco every single day for one low price
  • The subscription is currently being tested in Arizona, where the monthly cost ranges from $5-$10
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We’re arguably living in the Golden Age of Subscriptions, as it would almost be easier to name all the things you can’t conveniently access in exchange for the fee you shell out on a monthly basis.

In addition to the various streaming platforms you’re all but required to keep in your subscription portfolio to avoid becoming painfully out of touch, there are companies that will allow you to regularly update your wardrobe, treat your dog to a curated assortment of toys and snacks, and ship a box fill with a random collection of items related to basically every hobby and interest under the sun straight to your door.

There are also countless subscription boxes in the food and drink space targeted at people who want to feel like they’ve accomplished something by using a meal kit to make dinner instead of getting something delivered or expand their horizons by sampling a monthly assortment of beers, wines, and even hot sauce.

If that last option tickles your fancy, then you may be interested in a new monthly subscription that’s being tested out by a major player in the fast food space. According to Insider, Taco Bell has decided to get in on the action, as the Tex-Mex chain recently rolled out a pilot program in Tuscon, Arizona in the form of the Taco Lover’s Pass, which allows customers to shell out a flat fee and use the app to redeem the code that allows you to score one of seven different tacos on the menu every single day.

The Taco Bell subscription experiment—which costs $5 to $10 per month depending on the location—kicked off last week and will continue until the end of November. Only time will tell if it will receive a more ambitious rollout, but you might want to keep it on your radar.

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