Here Are The Three Hot Sauces I Snagged This Month From Fuego Box

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I’m not afraid to admit this, but I have over 25 bottles of hot sauce in my kitchen right now. As I’ve written in the past, I love the stuff dearly – easily my favorite condiment – and my Fuego Box subscription has taken my capsaicin collection to the next level. I have cayenne pepper sauces, habanero sauces, ghost pepper sauces, reaper sauces, pineapple pepper sauces, guava sauces, hot honey sauces. The list goes on and on…

Not that I need 25 bottles of hot sauce for my cooking, but once you get locked into a serious hot sauce collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

As a hot sauce-head, Fuego Box easily the best subscription box I’ve ever signed up for; within six months, I have a curated collection of gourmet, small-batch hot sauce within arms reach of every direction.

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Last week, this month’s three-pack from Fuego Box arrived via USPS.

Gindo’s Fresh Pepper Hot Sauce – Truffle Parmesan 

Notes: Earthy from a mixture of white truffle and black truffle seasoning and extra savory from the parmesan. A huge kick from habanero, Moruga Scorpion pepper, and Bhut Jolokia (ghost) pepper. The ultimate sauce to take pizza and chicken parm to the next level. 

Horsetooth Hot Sauce – Naughty #4 Scotch Bonney Mango

Notes: A sauce with lots of sweet heat that lingers long on the pallet thanks to a heavy helping of Scotch Bonnet pairing wonderfully with mango. 

Shaquanda’s Spicer Smoke – Hot Pepper Sauce

Notes: I love the flavor bang that comes from fresh horseradish. Shrimp cocktail, bloody marys, pot roast beef, etc. Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce is one of the first hot sauces I’ve ever had that mixes horseradish in a sauce with chili peppers themselves.

Just a reminder, the move is Fuego Box. From gift boxes and crates to monthly subscriptions, they have all sorts of options to take your hot sauce game to the next level.

Get $10 off a subscription with Fuego Box when you sign-up through the BroBible link



Get $10 off a subscription with Fuego Box when you sign-up through the BroBible link


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