Watch The Viral Moment Taylor Swift Shared With Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Bianka

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There’s no real way to deny it, Taylor Swift is running the music world with her soon-to-be legendary “Eras Tour.”

Swift and her fans (Swifties, if you will) broke Ticketmaster the day tickets went on sale for the tour and prices for tickets have been through the roof at every stop.

But Swift isn’t just winning on the stage. She’s winning the PR battle as well.

She’s paid out massive amounts in bonuses to those traveling and working alongside her, including six-figure bonuses to the tour’s truck drivers.

“..Each driver was given a letter that the singer had handwritten and addressed to the individual thanking them for their service during the tour. The amount of the bonus was included at the bottom of the letter, but some drivers didn’t pay it much attention,” USA Today reported.

“The funny part is, they just glanced at the letter quickly and didn’t look at the amount, so one driver read it as $1,000, another driver read it as $10,000. And then another driver said, ‘Oh, this has to be a joke. $100,000?’ which then made the other ones reopen their letters,” Mike Scherkenbach, the CEO of Shomotion, told USA Today.

Swift and company rolled in LA on Thursday for the first of six shows at SoFi Stadium. Among the attendees was Bianka Bryant, the six-year-old daughter of Kobe Bryant.

Taylor Swift Gives Hat To Kobe Bryant’s Daughter At LA Concert

The elder Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter accident alongside middle daughter Gianna in 2020, was himself a Swift fan.

But Swift went above and beyond to make Bianka feel welcome at the show.

She took time mid-show while performing her hit song “22” to give the younger Bryant the hat she was wearing for the performance.

It was an emotional moment that seemed to touch the entire crowd in the stadium. Even fans at home were moved by the moment.


Swift just keeps winning, whether people like it or not. And it doesn’t seem like that’s going to stop anytime soon.


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