Here Are The Things You Could Buy With The Absurd Cost Of Taylor Swift Tickets In Philadelphia

Pop star Taylor Swift performs

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Taylor Swift and her Eras Tour are making news seemingly every weekend. There’s not much debate that she is the biggest pop queen in the world right now. And, when Taylor Swift plays Philadelphia tonight, it will be one of the most expensive stadium concert tickets ever.

Since the announcement of the tour, her first since 2018, tickets have been hard to come by. So hard to come by, in fact, that Ticketmaster’s practices were called into question by both the former Attorney General and now Governor of Pennsylvania and Congress.

Ticket prices have been absurd, with the lowest-priced seats for many legs of the concert at around $800, sometimes even more. And, the Friday night’s Taylor Swift concert in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field is the most expensive ticket yet.

As of around 3:30 ET the day of the concert, the cheapest ticket before fees on StubHub is $1334. The catch is, you’re literally behind the stage. If you’d like to get a good view of her, even in the upper deck from the side, it’s around $2500. Want to be on the floor? Before fees it’s $4000! Look at some of the shenanigans going on.

This article from last year that details other expensive concert tickets over the years show truly how unprecedented the resale market is for Taylor Swift tickets.

So, I came up with some things a person could do for the same cost of that $1334 ticket, which after fees would be around $1500 to see Taylor Swift in Philadelphia tonight.

Next Tuesday, Manchester City plays Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League Semifinal in Manchester. It is probably the biggest club football match of the year. Yet, I can get from New York City to Manchester and back, plus a match ticket for less money than it would cost for just the ticket to see Taylor Swift in Philadelphia tonight.

The Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in all of baseball. I could have got two Rays season tickets this year for all 81 home games prior to the season starting and had around $400 left to spare!

Interested in a tropical vacation? Funny you ask. For less than the cost of one Taylor Swift ticket in Philadelphia Friday night, I can have a six-day, five-night stay at a reputable Jamaican resort, plus flight, and still have money left over!

I’m not knocking people that are willing to spend that much on a concert ticket, but it’s a lot of money. The sixteen-leg, 52 show domestic tour runs through August 9.

Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr is a recent graduate of Penn State University. He lives and dies Penn State football, wrestling, and the New York Mets.