Texas Police Officer Battles Hurricane Harvey To Save An American Flag

Aransas Pass, Texas, was one of the hardest hit towns by the once Category 4 Hurricane Harvey. The city, which is 20 miles northeast of Corpus Christi, was one of the first places that the monster hurricane wreaked chaos upon.

You can see the devastating damage done in neighboring Port Aransas.

A church and gymnasium were ripped apart by Hurricane Harvey in neighboring Rockport.

Here’s what Hurricane Harvey looked like from space.

Despite all of the houses being torn apart, flying debris, dangerous flooding, and hurricane winds, one police officer battled Hurricane Harvey to save an American flag. On Friday, Aransas Pass Police Department Officer Jack McCarty went into the deadly storm to snatch an American flag from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. “While some dishonor and desecrate her, APPD Ofc. Jack McCarty will stop at nothing to honor and save her,” the Aransas Pass Police Department Facebook said.


There are currently about 338,000 without power and it is expected that it will be several days before power is restored. Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it is expected to flood many parts of Texas.