It’s Time We Start Recognizing Thanksgiving As A Better Holiday Than Christmas

thanksgiving better than christmas


Look, there is no way to write this blog without admitting that this is a very hot take and one that I’m sure will come with some backlash but enough is enough. For years and years Thanksgiving has served as somewhat of an opening act to the grand finale that is Christmas. And I love Christmas, how can you not? But let’s not let the beauty of Christmas take away from the fact that Thanksgiving is a force to be reckoned with as well, if not more. Thanksgiving should be considered the GOAT of holidays.

First off, Thanksgiving doesn’t get or need the 24 day build up that Christmas gets. If you gave that type of hype and we had a ‘Thanksgiving Eve’ it would be game over. Christmas has movies being made about it while Thanksgiving just sits there quietly throughout the month of November and comes out swinging on game day.

Yes it is great to have family around but let’s call it like it is, the best part to Christmas is the presents and nobody lets you know that those presents come to a screeching halt once you hit the age of 25. Instead you have to fork out cash weeks before to get gifts for your younger relatives and cousins that you only see once or twice a year. And while you may get a gift here or there, it is never anything you actually need and you will never get the same adrenaline rush opening gifts the way you did when you were 15.

Thanksgiving is the only holiday that can make a Lions game interesting and they have been doing it for years. Yes there is football on both holidays but football always seems to be that much better on Thanksgiving regardless of who is playing. Something about drinking an ice-cold beer with a turkey in the oven, watching Matt Stafford throw for 350 yards with 2 interceptions just warms my soul.

And if Stafford and sub-par football doesn’t warm your soul, I know damn well a bowl of mashed potatoes will. The traditional Thanksgiving sides between the stuffing, mac and cheese, and green bean casserole are what takes this holiday to the next level. Sure you can have these sides anytime of the year but it will never smack you right in the mouth the way it does on Thanksgiving.

If we are allowed to debate LeBron vs Jordan we should be able to debate Thanksgiving vs Christmas. Yes, it may get personal at times but taking on a debate like this is never easy. Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the family, enjoy the food, and for goodness sake start giving this holiday the recognition it deserves.