‘The Flash’ Director Gives Dubious Response To Complaints About CGI, Gets Cooked

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In case you haven’t heard, The Flash — what seems like the most divisive superhero movie ever made — hits theaters this weekend.

While reviews have been all over the map, ranging from GOAT comic book movie to diabolical abomination, one of the comment complaints has been about the quality (or lack thereof) of the film’s CGI.

Director Andy Muschietti has since responded to those criticisms in dubious fashion, trying to claim that some of the wonky effects are intentional.

“The idea, of course, is…we are in the perspective of the Flash. Everything is distorted in terms of lights and textures,” Mushietti — who also directed the recent It films — told io9 in a recent interview.

Needless to say, movie fans weren’t buying what Muschietti, who was recently announced as the director of the upcoming DCU-set Batman film The Brave and the Bold,  was selling.

According to some reports, The Flash would have to gross something similar to The Batman — in the neighborhood of $700 million — in order for a sequel to be greenlit. At this time, the film is tracking. to make $70 million during its opening weekend at the domestic box office.

On the evening of Thursday, June 15 — at virtually the same time that early screenings began showing — DC Studios officially announced that Muschietti will be directing The Brave and the Bold, which will be the launching point for Batman in the DCU.

While The Flash has some fans concerned about Muschietti’s appointment, I actually felt that the Batman-centric action in The Flash was one of its strongest components, as both versions of Batman felt like legitimate *superheroes* that could take down supervillains and go toe-to-toe with the Justice League. Still, given how cinematic Batman is as a character, I’m gonna need Muschietti’s Dark Knight film to look much better than The Flash did.

The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, and Ben Affleck, is now playing in movie theaters across the United States.

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