Tiffany Gomas Shares Emotional Apology Video After Viral Plane Incident

Tiffany Gomas plane incident

Getty Image / China News Service

Tiffany Gomas went viral earlier this year after claiming someone on the plane “was not real.” Now, she breaks her silence after sharing an apology video.

She became a meme across the internet everywhere. Even the Arizona Cardinals used her clip as a way to troll Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos.

But with the funny memes, also comes the reality of going viral. It’s a moment that can change the direction of a person’s life.

This is the plane video that went originally went viral and ended up putting Tiffany Gomas on the map.

Now, according to TMZ, “the woman from the viral in-flight freak-out, is apologizing for her epic meltdown … telling us she let her emotions get the best of her.”

Gomas speaks for just over two minutes, apologizing for her actions on the plane. She fights back tears throughout the entire clip, as she is clearly emotional about everything that has transpired.

Watch her full apology video below.

Perhaps she was just having a bad day. Maybe the person she was talking about on the plane actually isn’t real.

In the end, it’s still not entirely clear what happened on that plane. And we may never know the answer.

Regardless, Gomas seems sincere in her apology and is ready for the world to move on. Give it enough time, people will eventually cling on to the next viral moment caught on video.