The Cardinals Go Viral After Trolling Broncos QB Russell Wilson Following Pre-Season Win

Russell Wilson

David Eulitt/Getty Image


The Cardinals have now deleted the video mocking Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, but not before the tweet was viewed almost 5 million times.

Original Story:

After their narrow 18-17 victory over the Denver Broncos during a pre-season game, the Arizona Cardinals opted to taunt Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson on social media.

The Cardinals, while celebrating their one-point triumph, took a jab at their former division rival with a pre-made meme that seems to suggest they are letting the win go to their heads.

Russell Wilson, who only played a portion of the game, finished with a stat line of 7 completions on 13 attempts for 93 yards, one touchdown, and zero interceptions. However, Wilson also took numerous sacks, hits, and demonstrated a lack of accuracy during the game.

This performance comes after a challenging first year with the Broncos, during which the team’s offense ranked at the bottom of various offensive categories.

The Cardinals’ social media jest revolved around the widely recognized “He’s not real” airplane meme.

The meme featured the viral video of a woman aboard a plane calling out a fellow passenger as “Not real.” The Cardinals took the opportunity to playfully mock Wilson by superimposing him onto the meme, portraying him working out during a flight.

This playful dig is a reference to a story from last year, in which it was reported that during a team flight to London for a game, Russell Wilson had spent four to eight hours exercising and doing high knees in the aisle, even as his teammates were resting.

While the Cardinals’ taunting might be seen as part of the competitive banter that often accompanies professional sports, it also underscores the intensity and rivalry that can extend even to the pre-season games.

As both teams continue their preparations for the upcoming season, it remains to be seen whether Wilson and the Broncos will respond in kind to the Cardinals’ social media antics.