TikToker’s Hack Showing How Dirty His Home’s Water Pipes Are Leaves Viewers Grossed Out

TikTokers Hack Showing How Dirty Water Pipes Are Leaves Viewers Sick


Thousands of TikTokers are being left in a state of disgust watching and trying out a viral life hack that reveals how dirty the water pipes are in their homes.

The hack has gained popularity (if you want to call it that) through TikTok videos such as the one below shared by user Charlie Gillman.

After seeing someone else try it out and not believing that it was true, Gillman decides to try the hack out for himself.

“There’s no way. Let’s try this,” he says at the beginning of the video.

Gillman then proceeds to wrap a facemask over the end of a faucet in his home, then turning on the water and letting it run for an hour, filtering through the mask.

Once the hour has passed he removes the mask and, yep, there is a gross-looking brownish-yellow stain.

Gillman’s video, which has now been viewed over 771,000 times on TikTok, resulted, as one would expect, in numerous comments and questions.

“Is the rust from the tip of your tap?” asked one viewer.

“Yep that’s why water filters (Brita) are worth it,” commented another.

“If you have cold water storage tanks that feed your tap it’s gonna be dirty,” wrote another.

“I am not drinking out of a tap again,” claimed one commenter.

The main comment by far, however, had very little to do with the dirtiness of the water and more to do with how high his water bill is going to be after leaving the tap running for 60 minutes.

“Your water bills will cost more than to fix that,” someone wrote.

The most helpful comment, I think, was one person who reminded everyone, “Always run the tap for 30 seconds before filling your glass. The first 30 seconds is full of dislodged silt. Thought this was common knowledge?”


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