You Can Now Buy A Two-Story, Completely Customizable Tiny Home On Amazon

tiny homes amazon

Getty Image / Jens Büttner

People are deciding to down-size in a major way in this day in age and the tiny home movement is a direct representation of that. There are a handful of tiny home shows on HGTV and other networks and regardless of whether you watch them in spite or you truly think you could pull off living in one, it truly is a movement.

The obvious questions surrounding these homes are where do you buy them and how much do they cost?

Well, ask no more, because Amazon sells them.

There are actually quite a few listings for tiny homes and tiny home products all across Amazon, which should surprise nobody since Amazon truly has everything plus runs the entire planet, but there’s a new type of listing that’s caught everyone’s eye.

Introducing the ‘economical prefabricated modular mobile portable container house.’ That’s a hell of a mouthful, not sure why they couldn’t just say ‘tiny portable house,’ but this thing is pretty sweet.

This isn’t the exact house listed on Amazon, but it’s nearly identical.

It’s a container house, which in my mind sounds exactly like the box I live in in Manhattan, but only this is portable. It’s also made almost entirely of steel, which is also insulated so you’ll be rady for all seasons and all sorts of climates.

This particular tiny home is two-stories, it comes with a bathroom, kitchen and a living/dining area. So now it’s actually starting to sound much better than Manhattan apartment. According to the listing and seller’s answers, you can also completely customize the space to exactly how you want it.

It’s listed at $14,999 plus you’ll have to pay $3,000 for shipping, but that’s not awful for this 619 sq. ft. humble abode with wheels.

I’m pretty sure your brain has to be wired in a very specific way to say ‘hell yeah, let’s buy this thing’, but there’s no denying there’s a market for these things.

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