Take A Tour Inside Seth Rogen’s Chill Houseplant HQ Where He Runs His Cannabis Brand

Take A Tour Inside Seth Rogen's Chill Houseplant HQ Where He Runs His Cannabis Brand

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  • Seth Rogen’s Houseplant cannabis brand has seen considerable success recently with array of cannabis-centric products including strains and home goods
  • Rogen opened up his Houseplant office for a tour of where the magic happens
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If a magic genie told me I could shadow any Hollywood celebrity for a week then Seth Rogen would certainly be on the list of people I’d consider. Why? Because he seems like such a chill and normal guy despite featuring in some of the biggest Hollywood-produced comedies over the past few decades.

Seth Rogen initially launched his business ‘Houseplant’ in Canada back in 2019 with partners Evan Goldberg and Michael Mohr. They then expanded to the United States in March 2021 with Seth announcing the move on his Twitter and there was so much interest it actually crashed the company’s website.

Houseplant sells several strains of cannabis with names tied to Pineapple Express along with all sorts of home goods designed by Seth Rogen himself. He’s got some really cool ashtray designs with a 1950s feel to them. And here he opens up the Houseplant office to a crew from Architectural Digest to see where the magic happens.

Take A Tour Inside Seth Rogen’s Chill Houseplant HQ Where He Runs His Cannabis Brand

It’s definitely got vibes of our old school BroBible office with a huge focus on the working space and making it an enjoyable place to actually spend your time. If people are going to be required to come into an office then it should at least be a great place to work, right?

GTFO of here with cubicles and neon lights. Give me some cool decor designed by Seth Rogen himself. And I don’t know why my mind went here and given how the brand is relatively new I’m not sure it’s even happened, but they must have one heck of a holiday party. A cannabis brand like that operation out of the ultimate chill space seems like a surefire recipe for an all-night smoke fest.