Trump Supporters Are Getting Annoyed With All The Texts From The President And His Reps

Trump Supporters Would Really Like The President To Stop Texting Them

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As we get closer to the next Presidential election, numerous supporters of President Donald Trump are starting to get very annoyed with the insulting barrage of texts from him and his minions.

The complaints began when Kurt Schlichter, the author of The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and you!), tweeted out last week, “Don’t ever again send me a text that treats me like an idiot. I am hearing from A LOT of supporters of the President that they are getting EXTREMELY insulted and angry at this garbage. Stop it. @parscale @GOPChairwoman cc @realDonaldTrump.”

Apparently, he, and many others don’t appreciate getting texts that read, “ALERT: Pres. Trump texted & YOU didn’t respond. Don’t let him down AGAIN. Stand with Mitch & Trump HERE with 5X MATCH. Only 2 HOURS left.”

The two people Schlichter tagged in addition to the President are Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Parscale responded to Schlichter’s tweet by saying, “That’s not a Trump text. We are 88022.”

To which Schlichter replied, ““Well, then you have your people unscrew it with whoever did it since it reflects poorly on your boss. See if I get confused, other people are going to get confused and that becomes your problem. So fix it. Don’t come to a colonel with an excuse. Come with a solution.”

This little back and forth opened up the floodgates for others to lodge their complaints with the texts they’ve been getting from Trump and those claiming to represent him.

Don’t think Trump is alone in this, Democrats are also getting tired of being constantly asked for money.

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