This Vodka Made From Twinkies And Other Junk Food Could Be The Future Of Alcohol

by 10 months ago


If you walk down the aisle of virtually any liquor store, you’ll see dozens of brands and bottles that are seemingly targeted at people who want to get drunk without having to taste any alcohol at all. There are spiked seltzers and lemonades that taste identical to their sober counterparts, whiskeys with the overwhelming taste of cinnamon or honey, and vodkas in virtually every single flavor you can think of.

Vodka is supposed to be odorless and flavorless by design, but if you ever spent $12 on a plastic handle with a generic Russian name on the label, you know there are certain times when the taste needs to be covered up. That’s why producers have started to flavor their wares to make them taste like whipped cream, Swedish Fish, and peanut butter and jelly— just to name a few.

One distiller in San Diego has started making vodka with Twinkies and other junk food, but contrary to what you might think, they’re not jumping on the flavored vodka bandwagon. Misadventure & Co has figured out a way to make spirits from leftover baked goods, and it might just change how alcohol is made in the future.

Misadventure doesn’t just rely on Twinkies to make their vodka. According to Food and Wine, the company sources a variety of baked goods that are past their expiration date at a local food bank, which amounts to about half a ton of bread products on a weekly basis.

Co-owner Whitney Rigali described how the company manages to convert food into booze, saying:

“We get Twinkies, Ho Hos, French baguettes, crullers, you name it. The whole bakery aisle goes into our vodka. Essentially, all these baked goods have starches and sugars inside them, which are the building blocks to making any type of alcohol.”

From there, they mash and ferment the food, which is eventually converted to alcohol with the help of yeast. While Misadventure is currently only producing vodka, the process could be used to create a number of spirits. The company thinks they’re one of the first to use this method, which they say also helps their bottom line. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before more people follow in their path.


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