Twitter Is Planning Some Major Changes To Retweets, Mentions And Other Features In 2020

Twitter Planning Some Major Changes To Retweets And Mentions In 2020


If a tweet by Dantley Davis, Twitter’s Vice President of Design and Research, is to be believed (and why wouldn’t it be, it’s on the internet), there are some big changes on the horizon for the social media platform over the next year.

Listing five new Twitter features that he is “looking forward to in 2020,” Davis indicated some changes that, if put into effect, have the potential to completely change how people use the service.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey already announced that paid political ads will no longer be allowed to appear on the social media platform – throwing some not-at-all-subtle shade at Facebook and it’s policies.

“It‘s not credible for us to say: ‘We’re working hard to stop people from gaming our systems to spread misleading info, buuut if someone pays us to target and force people to see their political ad… well… they can say whatever they want!'” Dorsey wrote.

The new features Davis hinted were on the way for Twitter would also limit users ability to harass and draw people into conversations they don’t want to be participants.

“Permission” seems to be the central theme of these potential new Twitter features, as they would allow users to strongly limit who can be involved in their online conversations.

Davis followed that tweet up by asking his Twitter followers if they agree with the ideas on the list, what other new features they would like to see added, and explained some of the reasoning for the potential changes.

Some of the Twitter users’ suggested additions to the list of new features were also rather interesting, many of which Davis wholeheartedly agreed should be added.