Passengers Get Gnarly Footage Of A Terrifying Plane Engine Failure During A Flight In Hawaii

by 3 months ago
United Airlines Plane

Shutterstock / IanC66

This is the nightmare everyone who’s afraid of flying has seen play out in their minds over and over before. You look out the window during a flight and it appears as if the engine is about to fall off the plane. That’s pretty much exactly what happened on a recent flight in Hawaii after all hell broke loose around 45-minutes before the plane was set to land.

Two passengers seated in window seats next to the engine were able to capture some of the craziest footage you’ll ever see in commercial aviation. This all happened on a United Airlines flight which was forced to make an emergency landing in Honolulu 45-minutes before the plane’s scheduled landing.

Seriously, imagine waking up from a nap on the plane and looking out the window to see this. Then imagine trying to not soil your pantaloons when you realize that the plane is quite literally falling apart mid-air:

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