This Girl Pulls Off Ultimate Prank By Completely Flipping Her Roommates Room Upside Including Attaching The Bed To The Ceiling

upside down roommate prank

TikTok / @sunsfreak93

Kaylin and Kiersten, roommates in Arizona, have been engaged in a friendly prank war that’s more than just scaring one another in the middle of the night or drinking the last of the almond milk.

“Kiersten once filled my room, closet, and bathroom with about 1,500 balloons and completely filled my car with packing peanuts,” Kaylin told Buzzfeed.

Kaylin came up with the ultimate prank about a year ago but wasn’t sure she’d be able to pull it off.

She wanted to completely flip Kiersten’s room upside-down, bed and all, while she was out of town.

I’m pretty creative and LOVE doing pranks, so I thought it would be hilarious to hang everything upside down from the ceiling. I knew it would be EPIC, but never thought it would be possible,” she told BuzzFeed.

The big sticking point was figuring out how to get make it all work.

The results are ridiculous.

Kiersten was gone long enough and Kaylin SPENT 8 HOURS completely flipping the room upside down.

“I screwed the dresser and the bed frame to the wall studs and pushed it up against the ceiling, giving the appearance that it was hanging from the ceiling. I didn’t put the mattress up there, I just used the comforter to make it look like the mattress was there,” she explained.

She posted her roommate’s reaction to TikTok and the video has 2.5M likes.


For all of those who doubted I actually did this prank… here’s the reaction! #fyp #foryourpage #prank #viral

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Kaylin helped Kiersten turn her room right side up the next day. “It probably only took her about two to three hours back to normal,” she said.

[via Buzzfeed]


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