Girl Who Got Dumped For Hiding McDonald’s Trips From Her Vegan Boyfriend Should Be Celebrating

couple arguing during breakup

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So, you just got dumped because you were taking secret trips to McDonald’s for Chicken McNuggets and hiding it from your vegan partner? Let me tell you why that’s actually a great thing to happen to your life.

If you’re hiding something as simple as what you eat from your girlfriend or boyfriend, the relationship isn’t going to work. It’s as simple as that. It is also behavior that’s often observed in alcoholics. They feel the need to hide their drinking from everyone because they know it’s problematic. But in this instance, the behavior isn’t problematic, the relationship is.

The girl who got dumped took to Reddit’s Relationship Advice subreddit which I’d all but forgot existed until today. I came across this story over on which is amusing methat they’d cover this because it’s not exactly news at all and just an interesting story but I also understand it, I am as well, it’s a hell of a story. Who the hell gets dumped by a vegan because they’re hiding McDonald’s?!

Here’s her story, via reddit:

I honest to god have no idea what the f*ck to do, I’ve been freaking out.

So I was in this relationship for nearly 3 years. My (now) ex has been a vegan since he was 18. When we moved in together last year he wanted me to try out veganism and honestly I was contemplating going vegan beforehand so I thought why not. At first, it was okay but fucking hell I was craving chicken McNuggets like there was no tomorrow. I would literally have dreams where I’m surrounded by chicken nuggets. I would watch Matt Stonie videos and get SO jealous. So at least twice a week I would sneak out the house and say I’m just going to the supermarket or running errands and then I’d go to Mcdonalds and eat a bunch of nuggets or a McChicken. I would then quickly go to the grocery store and buy random sh*t we don’t even need so he thinks I really was just at the supermarket. I was doing this for months but my ex started getting suspicious and yesterday he blew up at me and accused me of cheating on him because of the amount of times I leave the house and refuse to let him come with me. He then broke up with me.

Obviously, I came clean about the whole thing but he doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m lying about going to McDonald’s and he is convinced I’m just covering up that I’m sleeping with another guy. How the f*ck can I prove that I haven’t been cheating? I never thought my relationship would end over something so stupid.

Three years!!! They were together for THREE YEARS and he dumped her because she was crushing some McNuggets which are amongst the tastiest fast food items on the planet.

Seriously, I might eat McDonald’s every other year (or less) but when I do I order a 10 or 20 piece of McNuggets every single time. They’re simply the best. They’re sure as heck better than living with a vegan who is trying to impose their vegan ways on you. That sounds ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. I tried going vegetarian for a month one time and it culminated with me getting food poisoning after four weeks and losing 15 pounds in 4 hours if you get my drift.

Sure, she was being deceptive and that could indicate the propensity to hide other aspects of a relationship but MY GOD we’re talking about McNuggets here, not hiding doing coke in the bathroom with a bunch of dudes on Ladies Night when the boyfriend is at home. This silly vegan was trying to impose his silly life choices on her and she acted out by seeking McNuggets. She should be out in the streets celebrating right now, not on Reddit asking for advice on how to save this relationship.