Watch video of that drunk Icelandic Air passenger who was taped down during a flight

Photos of a drunken Icelandic Air flier whose fellow passengers taped him down to shut him up/neutralize him went viral earlier this week. Now, there’s a video that shows what the passengers were dealing with so we can all feel their pain.

The 46-year-old Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson allegedly acted belligerent and physically aggressive to other passengers after chugging alcohol from an Iceland duty free shop. That’s when the passengers rallied to tie him up, as if they were Lilliputians and he were Gulliver. The post-tie-up squealing probably got very tiresome very fast over the course of a six hour flight.

Arthorsson was treated for alcohol poisoning when the plane touched down in JFK. No charges were filed and he’s now back at his work in Trinidad and Tobago. (via Gawker)