‘The Walking Dead’ Star Reveals She Shot A Shocking Sex Scene That Ended Up Not Being Used In Season 8

The Walking Dead Star Reveals A Deleted Sex Scene From Season 8


The Walking Dead star Lindsley Register, who portrayed reformed Savior Laura, revealed this week that she shot a sex scene in season 8 that would have stunned viewers, but it ended up not being used.


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Notice I said “portrayed” because if you watched episode 10 of the tenth season of The Walking Dead entitled “Stalker” then you know that, like soooo many before her, Register took the dirt nap when hulking frankenzombie Beta bounced her hard off the jail cell bars.

Oh, you weren’t sure she was actually dead and not just knocked out? Yeah… she’s not coming back. Hopefully someone in Alexandria took a knife to her dome or, well, you know…

So, since she’s all done with the show, Register decided to spill some behind-the-scenes beans about season 8, most likely about the episode entitled “The BIg Scary U.”

“I filmed other scenes of her interacting with Rosita and with Eugene that the audience will never get to see,” Register revealed to The Independent. “We all shoot stuff that never makes it to the screen.

“There were scenes of me and Rosita starting to become friends where she and I like kill zombies together. I save her life at one point. And we filmed a really fun scene where me and Eugene get it on,” she continued.

“One day I’m on set and our director is like, ‘I can’t tell you why but you’re gonna love the next episode’s script.’ I get it and there’s this scene where Eugene’s in the Saviors’ compound and the walkers have got in. I think we’re gonna die so I come into his room and we have sex. I’m like, ‘Don’t think too highly of this – I’m only doing it because we’re gonna die.’ He’s all shaken. it was so funny.”

And here we thought Negan and Alpha getting after it two weeks ago in the woods was the oddest coupling on the show. Eugene and Laura, especially given the time frame involved, would definitely have been even stranger.

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