Wannabe Hawk Tuah Girls On TikTok Are Trying To Go Viral After Seeing Hawk Tuah Girl Getting Rich

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Hawk Tuah Girl Haliey Welch is making a ton of money these days, and now other women are attempting to go viral like her.

Earlier this week, the 22-year-old Welch was spotted at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino judging a bikini contest.

According to TMZ, Welch was paid $30k for her appearance.

“Clearly, Haliey’s still getting accustomed to the whole fame thing, even though the fee she received for her first celeb appearance would bring anyone to happy tears. Sources tell us she got around $30K for the gig.”

Several videos are beggining to pop up on TikTok showing women trying to outdo the original Hawk Tuah Girl in an attempt to get viral fame.

Unfortunately for those girls, the Hawk Tuah meme was lightning in a bottle, and it’s going to be tough for others to recreate a viral moment like that.

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