People Are Making So Much Fun Of The Weather Channel’s New List Of Winter Storm Names For 2017

weather channel list winter storm names 2017


The Weather Channel recently released its annual list of winter storm names for the 2017-2018 season and the internet is making so much fun of them.

Why? Well, for one, The Weather Channel’s names for storms are, uh, not official. Like at all. Unlike hurricanes, winter storms don’t actually have an official name. In fact, the only storms the National Weather Service recognizes are hurricanes.

The second reason people are making fun of The Weather Channel’s 2017-2018 list of winter storm names? They are the most popular baby names of 2016. Get ready for lots of jokes about babies and toddlers being “storms” on your Facebook feed this winter.

The Weather Channel says that they name the storms so the media can more easily identify them and disseminate information about them and totally not so they can get free publicity.

Needless to say, because, internet, folks are having a lot of fun with this list, which I am sure in way disappoints The Weather Channel at all because, hey we’re talking about them.

Not going to happen.


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