West Virginia’s American AF Vaccine Lottery Will Give Away Custom Rifles, Guns, And Lifted Trucks

West Virginia vaccine lottery lifted trucks custom guns

iStockphoto / jonathansloane

  • West Virginia announced a vaccine lottery for residents who get the covid vaccine
  • Similar to other states who have done vaccine lotteries, West Virginia is offering huge sums of cash and other prizes
  • The Mountain State is going full ‘MERICA and giving away lifted F-150’s, custom rifles and shotguns, hunting licenses, a million bucks, and other prizes
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States all across America have launched some sort of a vaccine lottery to incentivize citizens to get one of the available covid vaccines. Ohio was one of the first states to announce a vaccine lottery. That one will choose a random entrant each week and make multiple Ohioans an overnight millionaire. West Virginia just got in on the action and the Mountain State’s version is as American as it gets.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced his state’s vaccine lottery this week. Not to be confused with a lottery to get the shot. No, there are tens of millions more shots than people willing to get them. These lotteries are designed to get people excited to go get vaccinated in hopes of winning a prize. And West Virginia’s prizes are objectively awesome.

Gov. Jim Justice held the press conference where he announced West Virginia’s unique prizes. There’s a video below of that press conference if you’re interested in that.

The state will hold twice-weekly drawings between June 20th and August 4th. Giving away prizes at each drawing. The grand prize is $1,000,000. Who wouldn’t want to win a million bucks?! But the other prizes are what’s garnering all of the attention. Here’s a rundown of what they’re giving away:

  • $1,588,000 Grand Prize
  • $588,000 Second Prize
  • Two Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks with Rocky Ridge Lift Kits ($88K each value)
  • 5 lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • 25 weekend getaways to West Virginia State Parks
  • 10 custom rifles and shotguns
  • Full scholarships to West Virginia schools


All of this will be paid for using federal relief funds from the CARES Act. Interestingly, Illinois was the first state to offer shooting-related prizes in their vaccine lottery. Illinois didn’t straight-up give away guns though. They are giving away a Trap/Skeet shooting experience according to Field and Stream.

I know that we have thousands of West Virginia readers around here. So if any of you reading this haven’t gotten your shot yet and want to learn more about this you can visit the Governor’s website where he’s got a full rundown of his announcement right here.

And anyone who wants to see the vaccine lottery announcement from the press conference can hit play on that video below:


I’m genuinely curious how much the custom rifles and shotguns will be worth. Is he going to give away a rare Beretta or is it going to be something custom-made in the state of West Virginia? I know we’ll find out in the coming days, I’m just curious at the moment.