Comedian Hilariously Shows What It Would Be Like If Dads Had To Give Press Conferences Like NBA Coaches

Nothing in life prepared me for being a dad. I’ve got an awesome son who just turned 2-years-old a few weeks ago and that dude has more energy than the Tasmanian Devil on 100% pure Colombian cocaine.

Comedian Evan Kyle Berger makes up half of The Dumb Dads, co-hosts of the Dumb Dad Pod. Here he perfectly imagines what it would be like of dads had to give press conferences like NBA or NHL coaches and discuss how the day went sideways before anyone had time to take a sip of water.

The comedic timing of this is perfect. His mannerisms, the answers, and questions manage to perfectly nail the cadence of an NBA presser where the coach just wants to get the hell out of there and go home for the night. I feel this on a very real level:

There are weekends where I’ll blink and suddenly realize it’s mid-afternoon and I haven’t eaten or showered yet and if it was any other time in life I’d probably be at the beach crushing Tall Boys with the fellas. But parenting is such a blessing, right?

I booked a staycation in Orlando last weekend since it’s only a 2-hour drive away and the hotel had a dope lazy river and multiple bars at the pool serving up fruity drinks. Saturday started out so well. Everything was going fine. Then my little dude woke up like an absolute monster from his nap and suddenly instead of ordering Painkillers and Miami Vices at the bar I was asking for every flavor of ice cream they had just to get my son to chill TF out for a few.

Parenting. Such a blessing. Parenting.