‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Robbed A Contestant Out Of Winning An Audi And People Are Furious

  • ‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans are furious at the show for robbing a contestant out of winning an Audi Q3 despite correctly answering the puzzle
  • The contestant said the first three words and then paused for a few seconds before correctly answering the 4th and final world but host Pat Sajak said it didn’t count
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It’s been a rough week for Wheel of Fortune. Monday started with a contestant being screwed out of $39,000 for allegedly misspelling rapper Yung Joc’s name. The show had it spelled ‘Young Jock’ while the rapper himself spells it ‘Yung Joc’. He later responded on Instagram claiming that’s not how his name is spelled.

Flash forward 24 hours and Wheel of Fortune has another controversy on its hands. The show appears to have boned a contestant out of winning an Audi Q3 despite correctly answering the puzzle.

Host Pat Sajak claims the contestant didn’t answer the question in the correct manner. Not that she didn’t get the right answer, she did, but that she paused between the words and Pat says everyone knows that’s not okay.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fan Solves Puzzle Correctly But Doesn’t Win Free Car

Nobody knows that, Pat. She correctly solved the puzzle. She deserved the car. And people are now furious.

Pat told her “we’ll allow for a little pause but not 4 or 5 seconds”. She could’ve just dragged out that third word and it would’ve been one long continuous answer. Pat’s reasoning is garbage. And Wheel of Fortune howes her an Audi Q3 in the eyes of pretty much every person on the Internet.

Fans Are Furious After Fan Got Screwed Out Of Free Car

This might be nothing but it could also mean that Audi is actually going to do something about this and right the wrongs of the show.

UPDATE: Audi is giving her the free car!!!

Meanwhile, Wheel of Fortune is all jazzed up this week about hiring a new social correspondent! It’s Pat Sajak’s daughter. Her Country Music career didn’t pan out so now she’s working in social media, it seems.

Anyway, Wheel of Fortune needs to back down and give her the car. It’s Christmas Week, she correctly solved the puzzle, and their subjectivity is pointless.