What Happens When Frat Bros Move Home For The Summer? This Dude’s Take Is The Funniest Sh*t I’ve Seen In Forever

What does a Frat Bro do after finals? Well, he goes to #BeachWeek and rages with his bros. After that, depending on his year of school he either heads to the city for a Summer internship or he moves home with his parents for the Summer.

That move back home for the Summer is a complete shock to the household. It’s like everyone has suddenly forgotten how to live with each other despite having spent the previous 18+ years under one roof.

Comedian Trevor Wallace threw together this clip about what it’s like when ‘Frag Guys Come Home For The Summer’ and I’m not usually a huge fan of these ‘what if’ type YouTube videos but this one’s is f’n perfect. Don’t believe me? Give this short clip a chance and then tell me it’s not spot on.

Here’s the Twitter version if you’d prefer that:

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Not to harp on my previous point about how everyone forgets how to live together in harmony after one year of college but it really is that way. I remember coming home from my first year of college, between transferring from SMU in Dallas to FSU, and it felt like I was straight up trapped.

My dad wanted me to get a job at like Walmart or some shit, anything to stay busy. My mom DGAF what I did because she was out of the house all day. All I wanted to do was not take tests for a few weeks and sleep but that wasn’t on anybody’s agenda but mine. The happy medium we seemed to find was me going to The Bahamas for a few weeks on my buddy’s dad’s 120-foot yacht where I wasn’t up in my parent’s business and I was also on the single greatest vacation of my lifetime.

We had burgers on Pablo Escobar’s old island, the one where he used to land planes full of blow. We went to pet those wild pigs YEARS before Instagram (and influencers) even existed and it was still a remote attraction. I spent all day riding around on jetskis chasing sharks, fishing, and diving for conch.

Isn’t this how everyone spent their first Summer home from college? Isn’t it? Side note: I need more friends whose parents have yachts, or friends with yachts. If you have a yacht, let’s be friends. Also, let’s go to The Bahamas in a few weeks because I need a vacation.