4/20 Survey Reveals The Top 20 Tech Companies Where Employees Consume Cannabis The Most

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Which Tech Company Employees Cannabis Most


A new survey for 4/20 reveals the top 20 tech companies where employees consume cannabis the most. But before I share the results of the survey with you, which tech company do you think is the “highest?”

Keep in mind, recreational marijuana is legal in California where most tech companies have their headquarters. Which is why it’s not terribly surprising that, according to this survey conducted by anonymous community workplace app Blind, out of the 5,112 users that responded, 39.4 percent replied “yes” to consuming cannabis in the past six months.

So, have you made your guess yet?

Hang on, let me help you out a little. It’s one of these five companies: Amazon, Lyft, Netflix, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

I’ll give you another sec to think…


Okay, have you made your pick?

The “highest” tech company, according to Blind’s survey, is…

Which Tech Company Employees Cannabis Most Lyft

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I know, right? Who would have ever gue…

Which Tech Company Employees Cannabis Most Lyft

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