Here’s The Average Length Of Employment At The Biggest Silicon Valley Tech Companies And It Ain’t Long

How Long Employees Stay Tech Companies

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Considering all of the perks we are always hearing about at Silicon Valley tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Apple, Adobe and others, you would think that employees of those organizations would never leave. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, employees at tech companies such as those mentioned actually don’t stick around very long at all.

According to data compiled by LinkedIn, software and internet companies actually had the highest employee turnover in 2017 when compared to other major business industries. And the data on 15 of the largest Bay area tech companies, LinkedIn revealed that average employee retention at those companies ranged from 1.8 to 7.8 years, reports the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

The top five business sectors with the most talent turnover, according to LinkedIn are technology (13.2%), retail and consumer products (13.0%), media and entertainment (11.4%), professional services (11.4%), and government/edu/non-profit (11.2%).

Inside the technology sector, industries with the highest turnover are computer games (15.5%), internet (14.9%), computer software industries (13.3%), IT and services (13.0%), and e-learning (11.6%).

LinkedIn surmises that the trouble with retaining tech talent has a lot to do with the high-demand and rising compensation within the industry. According to their user data, almost half (49%) of tech employees leave their jobs to take another one within the tech sector.

Here’s the average tenure for employees at some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley…

14. Uber: 1.8 years

How Long Employees Stay Tech Companies Facebook

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13. Dropbox: 2.1 years

13 (tie). Tesla: 2.1 years

12. Square: 2.3 years

11. Facebook: 2.5 years

Facebook Most Important Trait Job Candidate

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10. Airbnb: 2.6 years

9. Box: 2.7 years

8. Twitter: 2.9 years

7. Netflix: 3.1 years

How Long Employees Stay Tech Companies Netflix

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6. Alphabet: 3.2 years

5. Salesforce: 3.3 years

4. Apple: 5 years

How Long Employees Stay Tech Companies Apple

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3. Adobe: 5.3 years

2. Oracle: 7 years

1. Cisco: 7.8 years

How Long Employees Stay Tech Companies Cisco

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