Facebook Is The Least-Trusted Tech Company By An Obscene Amount

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Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock.com

This latest survey will have Mark Zuckerberg squirming in his booster seat. According to a new survey of major tech companies including Apple, Google, and Twitter, people said Facebook was the least-trustworthy company by a significant amount.

Recode teamed up with SurveyMonkey to ask people which major tech company is the least-trusted and the clear-cut loser in the survey was Facebook by an obscene amount. The poll found that 56% of Americans said they trusted Facebook the least with their personal information. The next closest was Google, lagging far, far behind with a 5% untrustworthiness rating. Uber and Twitter were tied for third with 3%, and Snap, Apple, and Amazon were at 2%. Microsoft, Lyft, Tesla, and Netflix rounded out the survey. There were 20% of respondents who selected none of the major tech companies.


This is extremely bad news for Facebook and overwhelmingly great news for Google, which arguably owns more personal data than Facebook. The public opinion wasn’t as negative of consumer credit reporting agency Equifax that suffered a security breach back in September 2017, that had social security numbers and previous addresses hacked.

The Cambridge Analytica data scandal, #DeleteFacebook movement that includes Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, and revelation that most of the social network’s 2 billion users were susceptible of having their personal data scraped have weighed heavy on Facebook. Not to mention how Mark Zuckerberg avoided explaining exactly how Facebook works during the two-day congressional hearings this week. Regulations could be coming to Facebook in the near future.