Why Do We Rest A Steak After Cooking It?

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Folks, let me tell you something I’ve learned over the past couple years. Learning how to cook steak at home really isn’t that hard if you follow two tried-and-true rules:

Rule #1 about properly cooking steak at home: Patience is a virtue.

Rule #2 about cooking steak:  Don’t skip steps! 

These steps are pretty simple: Before you throw it on the grill or in a pan, let the steak come to room temperature when you bring it home from the butcher. Let that seasoning really soak in. A patient, low-and-slow sear is almost certainly going to give your beef a better flavor than a quick sear.

And, most importantly:

Don’t forget to let your steak rest. 

When you’re hungry and craving a steak dinner, it’s so tempting to immediately slice into a steak right after pulling it off the cooking surface. But…


Don’t do that!

Remember Rule #1 and Rule #2 – Resist the temptation!

Let the steak rest.

Why do we rest steak after cooking it? 

When you cook a steak on the grill or oven, the steak’s juices and nutrients go to the surface of the meat. These flavorful fats and juices then leak out when you cut into it, leaking out.

This is what dries up an otherwise delicious steak.

When you let your cooked meat “rest” after cooking it – at least 5 minutes for a 1-inch thick cut – those lost juices and nutrients have time to be reabsorbed back into your piece of red meat.

Resting is the best way to retain those juices from the fat back into the protein.

ButcherBox‘s Chef Yankel recently provided a helpful video explainer on why we rest steak before digging into it.

As you can see in the video below, there’s a huge difference between a steak that’s left to properly rest for reabsorption and a steak that’s cut into too quickly.

Love meat?

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