Here’s The Reason Why Crazy ‘Florida Man’ News Seems Way More Popular And Common Than Every Other State

Welcome to Florida Sunshine State sign

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As a born and raised Floridian, I’ve grown in the belly of the beast and have been molded by a life of nonstop crazy Florida Man news. I’m also pretty well traveled. I have been to most states in America and I lived in NYC for nearly a decade (also Texas for a bit).

Why does any of this matter? Because I’ve witnessed batshit crazy things happening everywhere but if you happen to only follow the local and national news then it seems like Florida is the epicenter for all things crazy. In reality, isolated states like Hawaii and Alaska produce just as much craziness on a daily basis but Florida has some interesting laws that have led to the rise of ‘Florida Man’ news.

Before we get to this reporter’s solid explanation of why Florida Man news is so common and insane, I’ll throw in my own explanation. It’s because a massive portion of the Florida population is made up of impulsive people. A bunch of Floridians grew up in other states, visited Florida at one point on vacation (possibly during the Winter), decided to say ‘fuck it’ and move to Florida while leaving the ice cold winters behind. This impulsivity is something that’s impossible to track but it’s present in faces all across the sunshine state and something I’ve taken notice of throughout my entire life.

Now for the much more logical and fact-based explanation of why Florida Man news is so popular. As a response to the viral craze of Googling ‘your birthday + Florida Man’ to see what absurd news story took place on your bday, freelance writer/editor/reporter Jessica Misener breaks down how Florida’s shockingly progressive laws have led to the spike in Florida Man/WTFlorida news over the past few years.

Not only do reporters have virtually unfettered access to arrest reports but the police stations share these arrests freely and regularly. They print DUI’s in the Sunday newspaper in my hometown. Earlier this week I received a text message to a link on Instagram, it was a picture of a guy I went to H.S. with and his mugshot + arrest report from the local police station Instagram account.

Now, if you haven’t googled ‘Florida Man + your birthday‘ then follow that link and check out the latest viral craze that led to the explanation above.