Googling Your Birthday With The Words ‘Florida Man’ Might Be The Best Viral Challenge Ever

Googling Your Birthday With The Words 'Florida Man' Challenge


Florida… the first state you think of when a story breaks involving something outlandish, bizarre, or inexplicable.

Almost without fail, the words “Florida Man” will appear somewhere in these stories’ headlines.

This is why Florida gets its own special spot in our daily morning internet roundup. There is literally never a shortage of news to choose from on any given day.

And now there’s a new viral challenge sweeping the internet. Called the “Florida Man Challenge,” it will easily be the most productive use of your time this week.

It’s real simple to do too. All you have to do is go to Google, type in “Florida Man” followed by the month and day of your birthday and click!

What appears next is a list of all the insane stories associated with Florida Man on your birthday over the years.

For instance, when I do it for my birthday I get…

• Florida man gets 40 years for plotting to bomb Target stores
• Florida man shot outside bar after rejecting shot inside bar, officials say
• Florida man accused of cutting off penis of ex’s new boyfriend
• Florida man charged in connection with bombs mailed to Trump critics
• Bullets fall out of Florida man’s Amazon package
• Florida man attempts kayak escape, charged with boating under the influence
• Florida man charged after lighting mattress on fire

All classic Florida Man stories.

Sooo. what’s YOUR Florida Man story?

Here’s what kind of Florida Man others on the internet are…

I truly may never escape this wormhole.

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