Witness Snaps Pics Of Sphere-Shaped UFO Hovering Near Beach Just Before It ‘Disappeared’

ufo over trees


A visitor to Exmouth Beach in Devon, England recently snapped some pics of a UFO hovering in the sky which then mysteriously “disappeared or cloaked away from view.”

The photos were taken and shared by UFO investigator John Mooner, the chief investigator for WorldUFOphotos.org.

“I walked along the beach heading toward the harbor and once I finally reached the end of the beach, I turned around to look back to see all the people sunbathing and also see the [Ferris] wheel,” he wrote on his website where he also posted the photos. “I then spotted something rather unexpected…

“I just happened to see an anomalous object over by some trees and several hotels. The object was sphere-shaped and metallic in nature, and there was a visible field around it.”

“There was no form of visible propulsion and I watched it as it slowly glided through the air until it was directly above the Octagon building which is a shop that sells snacks and refreshments.

“I had a feeling that this large anomalous sphere was observing the people on the beach below.”

Interestingly, during its first public briefing on UFOs, NASA said there have been many reports of unexplained orbs are “all over the world.”

“I quickly took a photograph successfully capturing the anomalous object in a single photograph just before it disappeared or cloaked away from view. This is quite incredible and shows how prevalent this alien phenomenon is around Devon,” Mooner added.

Earlier this year, Mooner was one of multiple people who were able to snap a photo of a UFO that appeared during the Torbay Airshow near Paignton, Devon in England.

“This is quite incredible and shows how prevalent this alien phenomenon is around Devon,” Mooner said about his latest sighting. “I was not UFO-spotting this particular day and I still witnessed and captured a real sphere alien craft.”

Mooner said the UFO had a “visible field around it” and “there was no form of visible propulsion.”

Another sighting Mooner recorded this year flying over Devon in England left him “completely gobsmacked.”

“It was unmistakably a flying saucer with two black rectangular windows on the dome portion of the craft and four black openings along the bottom part of its structure,” said about that UFO.

“I could also see some type of force field emanating around it.”

Mooner claimed that those photos are “definitive evidence” that an alien presence is monitoring Earth.

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